Very poor srsbuild performance

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Jan 27 06:37:02 EST 1999

We are having problems with extremely poor performance building
indexes on our main server machine:

Hardware:  Sun Enterprise 3000, 2 CPUs, 1.25 GB RAM
Software:  Solaris 2.5.1

I compiled SRS using gcc 2.8.1

Building Genbank indexes, I discovered to my horror that it is only
managing to process about 25 entries a second, even when the machine
is otherwise completely unloaded.

At that rate, of course, the index build will take about a day and a
half.  However, when it gets to merge the temporary index files it
crashes anyway.

I tried an index build on my home PC (a 350 MHz PII with 128 MB RAM)
and found it manages well over 100 records a second!  How can a PC
that cost less than a thousand pounds be that much faster than a
dedicated Sun server that cost well over ten times as much?

I used to work with SGI Origin machines, and found these to be very
quick, but this Enterprise 3000 is a real dog.  Does anyone have any
suggestions what we can do to improve the performance?

Thanks in advance...


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