SRS 6.05/4 problems

Bernd Jagla bernd at golgi.ski.mskcc.org
Thu Dec 30 11:00:10 EST 1999


concerning the new 6.05 version of SRS I
have a problem:

- I found that the extended query form
will only produce empty pages
when searching for anything. Has there
been any change in the
.i and .is fies?

working with SRS 6.04 I have the
following problems:

- I get the following error message when
trying to access a found entry:

Your query retrieved no entries

What do I have to do to solve this

- What does the code "te" mean that I
retrive when printing the Id field in
debugging mode:

----- list: id ------
code: te string: |11S3_HELAN|?

- Using srsbuild with the -wd option I

Entry no: 6, fip1: 32247 fip2: 38281
       code: -1, 11S3_HELAN
       code: -1, P19084

with code values of -1. Is this correct?
and if not, what is going wrong?

Thanks for the help.



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