skipping over tabs

Guy Bottu gbottu at bigben.vub.ac.be
Fri Dec 17 10:20:13 EST 1999

	Dear colleagues,

This might interest you. While putting the 1999 release of the Los
Alamos Aidsbase under SRS 5.1, I hit on a problem. The database is
really in a sloppy state of maintenance. Among other things, there are,
for unclear reasons, here and there tabs intermixed with strings of
blanks. I solved the problem by editing the database and removing all
the tabs. An alternative would have been to modify the parser aidsn.is
and add wherever needed '\t'. I feel that it would be simpler if the
"skip" function could optionally be instructed to skip over tabs as well
as over blanks. Do you think this is possible and useful ?

	Dr. Guy Bottu
	Belgian EMBnet Node

P.S. there was a particularly vicious tab between the word LOCUS and the
entry name, which made SRS stop prematurily without warning message.

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