Problems with number of results: SRS-EBI compared to SRS-DDBJ

Peter Stoehr stoehr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Dec 3 09:31:27 EST 1999


The lastest EMBL release 60, which is what we and other SRS servers will have
was dated September 3. Genbank's last release was October 11.

There were some 579 new hepatitis c virus sequences between 4-SEP-1999 and
12-OCT-1999 in EMBLNEW. I think that explains the difference.

Peter Stoehr

Thomas Schäfer wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I started two queries, the first using SRS at EBI, the second
> using SRS at DDBJ. The query string was "Hepatitis c virus", and
> I tried it with the "ALL"-fields option as well as with "ORGANISM"
> as the only field to be searched.
> EBI-SRS found 6513 entries (11/29/99), and DDBJ-SRS found 7084 (same
> date). Looking at the Taxonomy Browser (NCBI) the query for "hcv"
> (which is given as an example query, also) results in 7084 entries
> as the DDBJ-SRS.
> Why doesn't EBI-SRS find the same number of entries? I thought
> that EMBL, DDBJ and GenBank where (almost) the same.
> Thank you very much for help,
> Thomas Schaefer, University of Bremen

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