taxonomy database ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at bigben.vub.ac.be
Mon Nov 23 02:46:15 EST 1998

: > When I look at the up link (red arrow) it looks fine up to "Eukaryota"
: > but then I see 12 other Taxons including "lobe-finned fish and
: > tetrapod clade" and "Fungi/Metazoa group" (on my server and the EBI
: > server). Strange because "Eukaryota" has a parent-id of 1 which should
: > be straight up to "root".

: I was afraid you'd eventually ask that.  8-). At the moment we have to
: show the entries in the order they apper in the (flat file) database and
: the (relational) database does not have an easy handle to sort them
: easily and fast other than by rank. The ones that are clustered on the
: top of the list below root all have rank: 'no rank'. We really have to
: wait for the next SRS & Icarus version to do better.

Just a suggestion : is it not better to let the red arrow move you up
just one level in the hierarchy rather then give all the higher taxa.
This would give a less confusing output.

	Guy Bottu

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