taxonomy database ?

Heikki Lehvaslaiho heikki at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Nov 18 05:26:51 EST 1998

Peter Rice wrote:
> <     $field:[@DF_Taxon code:sciname index:str indexToken:'name|sciname']
> ---
> >     $field:[@DF_Taxon code:sciname index:str indexToken:name]
> name is all the "name" fields. "name|sciname" is the scientific name only.
> That fixes it. Time to revert one of your changes ?

You are right. One old taxonomy index has not been purged during these
frantic changes to the code.

The organization, however needs some rethinking. 

1. I removed genetic codes from name production and put them into a new
one. That allows deletion of special production for linking (l_gencode).

2. Same goes for species. l-species production can be removed if species
production contains only scientific name. Species production's main use
is to link other databases, anyway.

3. The we need one field that contains all the possible names, so that
AllText, which is what most people use anyway, can access names like
'man' and 'human'. Taxon is, really, a good production for that. Also,
the taxonomy view lists all available names.

Corresponding changes in .i file, srssection, srsbuild, srsbuild links,
and everyone is happy. At least for a while.

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