taxonomy database ?

Heikki Lehvaslaiho heikki at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Nov 16 12:46:44 EST 1998

Peter Rice wrote:
> The -e and -f output options do not seem to work very well - they give
> the bare values and not the line from the entry. Seems to be because of
> the funny way the fields are saved in taxonomy.is which throws away
> the line code:


Thure and I had a go on the taxonomy files. Take a look at 


The line codes are now there for command line access and a new view has
been created for viewing and navigating the hierarchy. It's not perfect,
yet, but maybe after the next SRS version...

All Thure's examples from the previous message on this thread work now.
tax_dn needs to be writen tax_down:

getz -e '[taxonomy-taxon:caenorhabditis elegans] >^ tax_up'
getz -e '[taxonomy-taxon:nematoda]>^tax_down'
getz -e '[taxonomy-taxon:nematoda]>_tax_down'

The queries inside '' characters above can be written into the
expression field of the query manager, too.


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