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SRS through Perl or a 'demon'?

David Kreil I_wont_tell at my.browser
Wed May 27 12:44:36 EST 1998

Ewan Birney wrote:

> Staffan Bergh wrote:
> >
> > gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be (Guy Bottu) writes:
> >
> > One solution to the problem would be to simply replace lookup with
> > something that uses getz directly, e.g. a perl script.
> >
> > Even neater would be if there was a daemonized version of getz that
> > could take it's input from a socket, so that you could use the srs
> > indices on a remote machine.
> Staffan - this would be good. I actually have always been wanting to get
> a cleaner
> Perl/XS type interface into the SRS internals but haven't got around
> getting over
> the energy barrier of understanding's SRS's API... (go on srsdev people,
> why not
> have a perl/XS interface?)
> Ewan Birney
> <birney at sanger.ac.uk>
> http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Users/birney/

Re demon: Thierry Coupaye (coupaye at ebi.ac.uk) has been developing a CORBA
object server for SRS. Other object servers would be as feasible and might
(through the SRS object manager streams) even support server-side object
assembly to client specifications

Re perl: I have had a look at exporting the SRS C/Icarus API via Perl XS.
Understanding the SRS C API is quite easy and everybody is welcome :-)
There have been some nasty problems caused by Perl/SRS type conflicts (need
to include headers from both).
I got a `prototype' version running, all else is just plain straightforward
work (but quite a bit of it).
So if someone wants to go ahead, I'll be happy to assist, but don't expect
me to do a complete Perl interface on my own in the near future.
How much work this is exactly depends a lot at how tight an integration
into the `Perl feel' you want. As far as I understood it, Thure would
prefer an export of SRS objects into Perl name space with attribute access
mapping to SRS Object attribute access, which means tied variables and/or
hashes, which I am not into yet...


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