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[Q] Installing SRS5

Martin Hilbers mph at dl.ac.uk
Wed May 13 10:07:13 EST 1998

Jean-Loup Risler wrote:
> Dear Gurus,
> I am trying to install SRS5.0.1 on my Dec AlphaServer 2100 running
> DU4.0B.
> I have done what I should (I think) in the srsdb.i, embl.i, etc ...
> files.
> Running srscheck and then srsupdate, I have consistently some
> problems with the "new" databanks: emblnew, swissprotnew, sptremblnew.
> The building of the indices and/or the links for these banks fail
> with a "segmentation fault" and a core dump. I can see no problem
> with the "main" banks (embl, swissprot, sptrembl).
> Curiously, the "new" databanks are processed OK if I re-run srscheck
> and srsupdate after having indexed the main banks.

srs still has a problem with databases sharing the same format - if you
try updating a number of such databases (eq embl and emnew) in one
go, it will only do the srsbuild for the first one, for the second
it will try the "srsbuild -c" and "srsbuild -m", and try to build
the links, but without the results of "srsbuild" these obviously fail.
A workaround for this is to define separate formats for emblnew 
(EMNEW_FORMAT and EmNewFeatures_Format - or something like that)
These formats are identical to the original ones.

(At least this is what I did on our server)

> Could it come from a bad parameter tuning of my machine?
> Finally, after having repeated some times the "srscheck-srsupdate"
> cycle, everything seems to have been indexed OK.
> But now Netscape refuses to start a new SRS session with the
> message "file could not be opened: /srs/tmp/1TZMo193nkD".

Apart from a trivial permission thing - I once spend half a day
trying to find why I got this type of error and it turned out to
be caused by a srs core-dump which had filled the disk....
(srs core dumps tend to be very large - or our disks very small..-)


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