Compiling srs5.1.0 under redhat linux 5.0

Johnathon Weare Weare at EuropeMail.com
Mon Mar 23 05:42:36 EST 1998

>>>>> "A" == Andrew Elwell <A.Elwell at udcf.gla.ac.uk> writes:

    A> having set up SRS at work under slackware and irix, I decided to try
    A> on ly home linux box:

    A> during "./srsinstall all" I had lots of "warning: initialization
    A> makes integer from pointer without a cast"

    A> complaints until: gcc -I/usr/local/srs/bin/linux -o
    A> /usr/local/srs/bin/linux/nodd /usr/local/srs /bin/linux/nodd.o
    A> /usr/local/srs/bin/linux/local.o /usr/local/srs/bin/linux/libs rs.a
    A> -lm /usr/local/srs/bin/linux/libsrs.a(icadebug.o): In function
    A> `DbgIopStatement': icadebug.o(.text+0xaa): undefined reference to
    A> `TermNewLineEditor' icadebug.o(.text+0x123): undefined reference to
    A> `TermLineEdit' make: *** [/usr/local/srs/bin/linux/nodd] Error 1
    A> srsmake: Stopping due to Error 2 srsinstall: Stopping due to Error 1

    A> I assume (in my ignorance) that this might be due to glibc2 ?

    A> has anyone managed to get this to work (and could they give me a RPM
    A> :-)?

    A> Thanks Andrew

I'd guess at glibc too. If you disable the linux debugger code (for line
editing) you're very likely to get a fully working SRS. After that - from
what I've heard - you might like to checkout relevant fixes for your Redhat


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