Web Browser and SRS

Johnathon Weare Weare at EuropeMail.com
Tue Mar 10 14:45:20 EST 1998

>>>>> "T" == Thure Etzold <etzold at ebi.ac.uk> writes:

    T> Ray Wang wrote in message <35045950.A98 at cbis.ece.drexel.edu>...
    >> Ray Wang wrote:
    >>> Are there some people using Internet Explorer to browse SRS?
    >>> Recently I used SRS in IE, neither can I get as many entries as I
    >>> get from SRS in Netscape nor the query results can be properly
    >>> displayed.
    >> Probably the problem is due to the misconfiguration of IE. -Ray

    T> we have tested SRS5 with both IE4 and netscape and it worked. I
    T> can't say anything about IE3 but would expect a problems.

    T> thure

my Solaris IE4.0P works fine (I forced myself to say that). IE3 isn't
available for unix.


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