Parallel srsupdate ?

Thure Etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Mar 4 13:49:26 EST 1998

Luca TOLDO wrote in message <34FD538C.6C58D92E at popserver.bci.merck.de>...
>Dear Colleagues,
>I am seriously concerned with stability and performance of SRS. I would
>very much appreciate to learn the final statement on the efforts planned
>and timeschedules for parallelization of srsupdate.

the main obstacle to this and other improvements such as offline indexing
was the complexity of the srscheck program. It grew over the last years into
a bit of a monster that made extensions impossible. We rewrote it
in the last days and it feels much lighter now. We plan for 5.2 to have
a working solution for the offline indexing and hopefully the
parallelization of the EMBL indexing. The new srscheck will produce the
old srsupdate and/or a makefile which allows the whole updating process
to be parallelized.


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