A nasty bug in the SRS link indexing

Thure Etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Mar 2 11:36:34 EST 1998

> Dear SRS developers and fellow SRS server managers,
>While trying to implement a direct link between PIR and EMBL/GENBANK I
>ran into trouble. After some searching I found that the cause was a bug
>in the SRS software itself. It seems that when there is e.g. an Icarus
>line :
>$link:[@SWISSPROT_DB to:@?EMBL_DB token:'link|EMBL' toField:@DF_Accession]
>not just tokens with code EMBL are put in the index, but all tokens.

this problem has been reported before and i had problems reproducing it. it
seems that it does occur rather infrequently and not as a rule.

>To convince yourself of this, try the following :
>search in SWISSPROT the entry with ID HA12_MOUSE
>then make the link to EMBL
>you will see that besides the two correct EMBL entries you also find
>A02201 which is not related to the sequence SWISSPROT:HA12_MOUSE but
>happens to have the same accession number as the corresponding PIR
>SRS is great, but keeping it alive costs a lot of sweat and tears...

very sorry about that but your error report help a lot!


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