srsbuild -i doesnt work on OSF 4.0

Petra Maierl maierlp at mips.biochem.mpg.de
Mon Jul 27 04:38:50 EST 1998

I have problems with srsbuild -i on Alpha DEC 4.0 (formerly OSF1).
Installing/Compiling srs5.1 is fine, but i get a
"segmentation fault" when calling srsbuild -i <db1> <db2> -s unix.
We have installed a yet local version of srs5.05 at MIPS.
I have indexed some databases with srsbuild -w/-c/-m, but couldnt index
with srsbuild -i (this doesnt work on srs5.1 either).
Is it a problem to leave out indices created with srsbuild -i?
Our local version seems to work without these indices as we mainly do
searches on single databases (views seem to make problemss...., and i
didnt install applications yet).
CU, Petra Maierl @ MIPS (Martinsrieder Information center for Protein

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