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Johnathon Weare Weare at EuropeMail.com
Fri Jan 23 08:20:08 EST 1998

>>>>> "TE" == Thure Etzold <etzold at ebi.ac.uk> writes:

    TE> Johnathon Weare wrote in message ...
    >> By my calculations at least 10% of users cannot use SRS 5.10 at all
    >> - they just get a blank page.

    TE> point taken!  problem should be only if javascript is turned
    TE> off. there are two versions of the top page with and without
    TE> javascript. The one with javascript is chosen only if the client
    TE> has something like "Mozilla4" in the HTTP_USER_AGENT ...this
    TE> selects all netscape4, communicator and most ie4 browsers

OK - so take 10% off my estimate and add one person!

Any chance of a non javascript link to the alternate start page? Could be
hidden by a javascript part for elegance.

Must say I like the interface changes Thure, 

cheers, Johnny

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