A few questions

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Jan 16 12:03:47 EST 1998

a.h.vankampen at AMC.UVA.NL ("A.H. van kampen ", automat) writes:
> I have a few (basic) questions about setting up a local SRS site.
> 1) What are the main advantages for having a local copy of
>      databases like embl, swissprot, etc. It seems that the response
> time
>       for searching in a remote database is still acceptable.

That applies to searching for a few entries through the Web interface.
But you can do a lot through the command line interface, especially
with links and subsets of the databases very quickly and efficiently,
and this is not available through the Web interface (and therefore
must be done locally).

> 2) What is the best strategy for maintaining a local set of databases?
>      e.g., is everyone updating their databases with ftp each day.

Sites have their own strategies. "best" depends on your own needs.
There is a databank of databanks that shows you when other
sites have updated, so you can follow their strategies.

It often depends on how much you need the very latest entries, and how
long indexing takes.

> 3) Is everyone using identical configuration files (i.e. *.i and *.is)
> files
>      for the databases.

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