Indexing with SRS5.1.0

K. Cuelenaere koenc at caos.kun.nl
Fri Jan 16 08:48:51 EST 1998

Janice Coventry, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute wrote:
> Dear SRS Managers
> To upgrade to SRS5.1.0 is it necessary to reindex all your files?
> I have been testing some of my databases, when I try
> to getz entries from the old indices I have a core dump.
> Thanking you in anticipation

Retrieving non-sequence entries (like prosite and pdb) seems
to work with us (haven't tested them all though). It looks to
me all the sequence databases have to be re-indexed because
sequences are now treated as objects. So when you try to
use the old indices with the new .i and .is files, you'll
get an error saying that the sequence is not of the "object"
type. Using the old .i and .is files with 5.1 still seems

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