SRS5.1.0BUG? Q: Core dump when getz -vf ?

luca.toldo at merck.de luca.toldo at merck.de
Tue Jan 13 05:11:41 EST 1998

Dear Bionet SRS mainainters,
I was just wondering if you also are observing on IRIX 6.4 that SRS 5.1.0
getz produces a core dump when invoked with the following statement:

getz '[swissprot-id:100k_RAT]' -vf cit

The same command is not failing when operating on version 5.0.5

The swissprot indexes are fully working and operational otherwhise as
could be checked by the wgetz properly working ...

any feedback is welcome !

Dr. Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)

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