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luca.toldo at merck.de luca.toldo at merck.de
Mon Jan 12 08:32:24 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues,  in the new revision of srs5.1.0 that Dr. Etzold
deposited, there is PLENTY of  applet viewers ! That is really a great
added value that Dr. Etzold and Giorgio  Verde did recently and not very
much appreciated yet by the SRS users ! We must  be very grateful for the
excellent work that Team is exploiting in EBI !

 Here I would like just to suggest you a trick I find great: instead of
placing  all those single .class's that then soon or later will clash
between different  codes, pack up in a JAR all the classes needed and
then use the archive command  in the applet call. The speedup also in
downloading is NOTICEABLE and the  maintenance of your www server much
improved !

 Here is what I did, building the JAR using JDK1.1.5 on a Sun, and
testing the applet successfully using as browser Netscape  4.0.4 on
Windows NT:

 1) Pack all the classes of an applet in a single compressed archive
    (in this example I built the jar for all the classes needed by

 jar -cfM AlignChartApplet.jar *.class

 2) Move the jar in the location where one wants to be fetched from, in
this  case I just place it in the $SRSWWW/java directory for sake of

 3) Modify the icarus code so that it looks like this:
           |  code="AlignChartApplet.class"
           |  width=600 height=400
           |  codebase="http://your.srs.server/fullpath/java/">
           |  archive="AlignChartApplet.jar"
           |<param name=seq value="
    please notice that the "fullpath" should be replaced by the fullpath
    you have set for the srs server... obviously !

 4) srssection

N.B. JAR are a feature of JDK1.1 and thus as long as a browser is JDK1.1
     compliant then this feature as well should be supported.

Hope this help, and perhaps could be included in the next SRS 5.1.X
distrib ?

Dr. Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)

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