revised srs5.1.0

Thure Etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 11:49:25 EST 1998

dear all,

a few problems have been reported with version 5.1 that i have now
fixed. I replaced the srs5.1.0.tar.gz with the new version
file rather than making yet another release.

The following problems have been solved:

o The directory indexOff was renamed to offindex.
o The tar file includes all documentation.
o On some platforms the offline index directory was used as
o OSF has a very low limit for the stack size, Solaris a low limit.
  on file descriptors which both affect indexing of large databanks.
  I included an unlimit command for stacksize and
  descriptors in the script generated by srscheck.
o Merging very large indices crashed because of an allocation limit
o Very large sequences could not be submitted because of an allocation
o TRANSFAC *.i files have been updated to the version at
o ...and some more mysterious bugs.

many thanks for all who sent me error reports!


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