BUG+ Q.&A.: How to build offline indexes with SRS 5.1.0

luca.toldo at merck.de luca.toldo at merck.de
Fri Jan 9 10:01:17 EST 1998

Dear SRS bionet-ters, I hope each of you had already time to investigate
on the great contents of the latest version of SRS 5.1.0 ! Really a nice
piece of work what the brilliant Team coordinated by Thure Etzold did
recently. We should all be grateful to them for their really useful tool
! Hereafter I would like to inform you of a really minor inconvenient
which I just encountered right now while exploring for the first time the
-off flag in srscheck and srsupdate .

You are perfectly aware that with the version 5.1.0 is possible to have
offline index generation so that one could build indexes for different
versions of the flat files and then move the flat file and the indexes at
the same time to the new location. This is a really GREAT possibility
that the SRS team did since infact it was a current problem when large
database updates where happening ...

Now, the problem is that after one has generated the appropriate srsupdate
with the command

%srscheck -off

then launching the srsupdate will result in a SRSICA error "error: file
could not be opened, "SRSOFFINX:..." followed by a bunch of srsupdate
core dumps (exactely one for each invokation of srsbuild in the srsupdate
script minus 1).

The reason for that is that there is an inconsistency between the content
of the environment variable SRSOFFINX  and what is distributed in the
srs5.1.0 tar file.

SRSOFFINX points to $SRSROOT/offindex but the tar archive instead upon
untarring will generate the indexOff directory instead.

The problem is very easily solved, therefore, by simply this command:

mv $SRSROOT/indexOff $SRSROOT/offindex

Infact, I have the feeling that the SRS developers _do_ want the
directory be called offindex since it appears specifically both in each
of the scripts:


Perhaps in the next release of the SRS5.1.0 tar the SRS developers will
include this change by default...

Regards and good SRS-sing !
Dr. Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)

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