Q&A: How to install SRS5.1.0 on a Netscape server

luca.toldo at merck.de luca.toldo at merck.de
Wed Jan 7 03:51:11 EST 1998

It happens that not everybody is running the same version of the httpd,
and it happens as well that Netscape Enterprise Server is a rather common
httpd. What follows is a
"how-to-install-srs-on-netscape-enterprise-server" that I communicated on
the 23.04.97 to the SRS developers but that never made it into the
official distribution since for what I understand they do not use the
Netscape httpd server and therefore could not easily test it on their

Please, notice that the following information is provided on an AS-IS
basis, and you agree in using this information at your own risk (:->).

1) in obj.conf

          a) include the following object: (example below done
                                            assuming the full path
                                            to the home page
be /usr/local/htdocs)

<Object ppath="/usr/local/htdocs/srs5bin/cgi-bin/*">
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal-cgi"
Service fn="send-cgi"

          b) include in the _default_ Object: (example below done
                                            assuming the full path
                                            to the srs install be

NameTrans from="/srs5/" fn="pfx2dir" dir="/home/srs/srs/www"

2) place in /usr/local/htdocs the link to the /home/srs/srs/www and call
   it srs5:

%ln -s /home/srs/srs/www /usr/local/htdocs/srs5

3) for matter of practice I then did the following but perhaps could be
   done also in a "cleaner" way:

a) mkdir /usr/local/htdocs/srs5bin/cgi-bin
b) cp /home/srs/srs/www/bin/wgetz /usr/local/htdocs/srs5bin/cgi-bin/wgetz

Once those modifications to the obj.conf are manually done (unfortunately
this process cannot be performed through the web interface to the
Netscape server), then send a hangup to the server and restart it (can as
well use the web interface, reload the config files stop and start the


Using the above mechanism, I maintain several versions of the SRS system
running on the same machine and simply have each of them in a different
directory e.g. /home/srs/srs5.0.4 /home/srs/srs5.0.5 /home/srs/srs5.1.0
  etc.. and the entire setup is pretty simple to manage ...

Perhaps this information could be included in the SRS FAQ and/or in the
message returned upon completion of %srsinstall www

I do not consider this contribution as specially crucial but still, could
save some time specially to new srs maintainers ...

Regards, Compliments, and happy new year
Dr. Luca I.G. TOLDO

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