srscheck problems

Ramu Chenna chenna
Fri Feb 27 09:08:41 EST 1998


Problem: 1

embl.i  icarus file (at EMBL) has three databases namely 
emblnew, embl, emblest defined!

when i try 

srscheck -l emblest 

it is fine since EMBLEST is updated!

But when i say 

srscheck -l 'emblnew emblest' 

then it says  

======> must build indices for library "EMBLNEW"

but in the srsupdate file it has lines to update EMBLEST also!

This problem is there with srs5_05 and srs5_1


Problem No:2

with SRS5.1  while building indices I get

SRSDB:embl.is:87: error: insufficient memory - error during malloc, could not
allocate "Cursor object"  

Any insight ?

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