How to save results of query?

Ramu Chenna chenna
Thu Feb 12 05:16:16 EST 1998


Yes it is possible!  You can do it from the 'Query Manager' page.

Go to Query manager page after doing your query
Select the query you want to save, press save button.
  Now you are in the 'Download query page'.
Select the chunksize
Select the sequence format  (select swiss or embl format)
select 'use mimetype'  as binary ( binary ? do not worry about that)
press save button
(the browser should offer you now to enter a filename to save)

(IF you have local SRS then you can do all the above with 
'getz' ! That is the easiest way) 

In GCG you can use 

fromembl program to convert all the sequences to gcg format 
and carry on from there!

fromembl writes each entry into separate file.

(fromembl works for protein seqeuences as well!)

(Note selecting sequence format from SRS does not work with gcg 9.1)

If you have trouble let me know.

Hope this helps!


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