How to save results of query?

Thure Etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Feb 11 12:40:15 EST 1998

"A.H. van kampen ", automat wrote in message
<34E1C442.CEC95749 at amc.uva.nl>...
>I have another simple question:
>Is it possible to save all hits from a query IN A SINGLE OPERATION
>as full entries (including the sequence), in such a format that GCG can
>deal with it (so seperate files for each entry, or msf files, or
>something that
>gcg can import).
>I know i can select multiple entries and save them in GCG format as
>full entries, but this gives a single file which can not be read by GCG.

i would save the set in pir format and then use GCG's frompir to convert
into single sequence files. before you click on the save button send the
chunksize to something large to make sure that only one save operation
is necessary


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