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Philippe Dessen dessen at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Wed Nov 5 06:52:07 EST 1997

How is it possible with wwwgetz (SRS 4 or SRS 5) and the Query Form 
to have answer to the following (not very complex) query ?

Description    : topoisomerase
Organism       : homo sapiens
Keyword        : ! EST

with ! EST  => error
with * ! EST    very long query and timeout.

Message :
While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.infobiogen.fr/srs5/cgi-bin/wgetz The following error was encountered: 
       No Object Data 
This means that: The remote server closed the connection before 
sending any data.

With 2 queries and combining them (in the Query Manager)  no problem, 
but this is not optimized !

[libs={embl emblnew}-Description: topoisomerase*] & [libs-Organism: homo sapiens*] 
[libs={embl emblnew}-Keywords: EST*] 

Query "Q1 ! Q2" found 43 entries 

Elsewhere with ACNUC  query is relatively quick  :

$ acnuc -b genbank
             ****     ACNUC Data Base Content      ****
         GenBank Rel. 103 (15 Octoger 1997) Last Updated: Nov  4, 1997
1,200,675,858 bases; 1,828,859 sequences; 229,363 subseqs; 142,660 references.
Command? (H for command list)
k=@topoisomerase at II@  et sp=homo sapiens et no k=EST

Sequence list named LIST1      contains     15 seqs (among which      6 subseqs)

Short description of list: LIST2

D87012     Human (lambda) DNA for immunoglobin light chain.           =40083 bp
HSDNAT2    H.sapiens mRNA for DNA topoisomerase II.                     =702 bp
HSTIIIAPR  H.sapiens DNA for topoisomerase IIa gene promoter region.    =607 bp
HSTOP2P3   H.sapiens TOP2 mRNA for DNA topoisomerase II (partial).     =3432 bp
HSTOP2P5   H.sapiens TOP2 mRNA for DNA topoisomerase II (partial).     =1200 bp
HSTOPIIB   H.sapiens topIIb mRNA for topoisomerase IIb.                =4866 bp
HSTOPIIB2  H.sapiens topIIb gene for topoisomerase II (partial).        =360 bp
HSU43431   Human DNA topoisomerase III mRNA, complete cds.             =3755 bp
HSU54831   Human topoisomerase IIb mRNA, partial cds.                  =1388 bp
HSU96765   Homo sapiens topoisomerase II beta gene, partial cds.       =1576 bp
HUMBGLOBC  Human beta-globin cluster gene, enhancers with repeat region.
HUMTOPIIX  Homo sapiens topoisomerase type II (Topo II) mRNA, partial cds.


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