SRS5.0.3 - GCG format problems

etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Mar 17 08:14:02 EST 1997

Martin Hilbers wrote:

> With Genbank (GCG formatted) I got a bit further, but after
> about 1048800 entries, it suddenly created the section "11"
> subindices (I was using chunks of 100000), and proceeded
> creating sections 12,13,14 etc, without reading any data.
> I managed to stop it when it was at section 35 !
> Any suggestions ?

the "ll" subsection? is that new in genbank or an invention of srs?
but it looks if some file is truncated so that the last line is
incomplete (without line feed). A fix for that is already in

add the production lnT

lnT: ~ /[\n]+\n?/~

and replace all occurences of "ln" in the production "entry" with "lnT"


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