release of SRS5.0.3

Martin Hilbers mph at dl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 14 13:16:47 EST 1997

etzold wrote:
> Dear all,
> after versions 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 which still had lots of problems we consider
> this to be the first stable version of SRS5. The distribution is now available
> on the ftp server at the EBI in Hinxton UK. 

Hooray !

> 7)  in SRSWWW each single entry display contains an additional 'toolbar'
>     for linking the entry to other databanks, viewing the entry and launching
>     applications.
> 8)  The applications BLAST, FASTA, SW (Smith & Waterman search with
>     Bioccelerator) and CLUSTALW have been added to SRS and can be called from
>     a the page containing a list of entries and a single entry.

Well - at SEQNET we offer world access to the database searches with
srs, but the launching of programs, which now features prominently
in srs, is something we would rather restrict to our own users. 
I suppose others have similar thought, so a quick kludge to restrict 
program launches:

( I suppose it could be done more neatly, but so far it works )

First create a subdirectory of your cgi-bin directory, to 
which you restrict access in whatever way is appropriate for your
httpd server. (You can also use any other script-directory for
which you have restricted access). copy wgetz into here (or
create a symvolic link).

Now edit icarus/util/srswww.i,

add a line like

$parStr:[cgiappdir set:'/cgi-bin/srs5app']

to the block of $parStr definitions at the beginning of the file.
(replace /cgi-bin/srs5app with whatever you have used.)

Then near the end of the file, "the form to launch an application",
replace line 2551 (or therabout)

    |<form method=POST action="($parStr:cgidir)/wgetz">


    |<form method=POST action="($parStr:cgiappdir)/wgetz">

And them do a srssection to update things.
This way, the system will use the "restricted" wgetz to launch
a program.



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