Problems installing SRS 5.0.5 under Linux

Alexander Tress alexander.tress at student.uni-ulm.de
Mon Jun 23 03:12:01 EST 1997

Hello to all,

the installation of SRS( call : ./srsinstall all )  is aborted with an
'error 139'  during the call to  'srssection'.

'srssection' is a script which consists only of the following call
   nodd -s $SRSICA/srs.ic $SRSICA/srs.i

Calling this from the command-line after preparing the shell with
'source etc/prep_srs.sh' doesn't result in an error, but unfortunately
where's also nothing done.

Thanks in advance,


E-Mail : alexander.tress at student.uni-ulm.de (Alexander Tress)

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