Another bug on SRS5 ?

Ramu Chenna chenna
Wed Jun 18 07:40:55 EST 1997

AnoDB updates <maint at konops.imbb.forth.gr> wrote:
>	Hi all,
>Using SRS5 at EBI I tried to screen EMBL and EMBLNEW for all the sequences
>containing the string 'Anopheles'. My search returned 824 hits. Then I
>realized there was no way to fetch them ALL, I had to go over every single
>sequence and select it. 

Not really! There is a way.

Afther the search ...

Goto Query manager page.
Select the query 
Click  the 'save' buttion

You get the Download query page.

   select the 'use view' as complete entry
   select the chunk size
   choose the 'use mime type' to binary so that you can type a file name
   to save the result.

Click the Save button!

You are done!

Yes, There can be a 'save all' button on the query result page! 

>I did it and when I attempted to save them I got a 'server
>misconfiguration error'. After playing a bit realized that this is the end
>of every attempt to retrieve more than 300 sequences at once.
>In order to get the sequences I wanted I decided to get them in parts.
>I retrieved all the sequences and discovered there were only 758 despite
>the initial note of 824 hits.

I did not check this.

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