Another bug on SRS5 ?

AnoDB updates maint at konops.imbb.forth.gr
Tue Jun 17 00:03:27 EST 1997

	Hi all,

Using SRS5 at EBI I tried to screen EMBL and EMBLNEW for all the sequences
containing the string 'Anopheles'. My search returned 824 hits. Then I
realized there was no way to fetch them ALL, I had to go over every single
sequence and select it. 
I did it and when I attempted to save them I got a 'server
misconfiguration error'. After playing a bit realized that this is the end
of every attempt to retrieve more than 300 sequences at once.
In order to get the sequences I wanted I decided to get them in parts.
I retrieved all the sequences and discovered there were only 758 despite
the initial note of 824 hits.

P. Topalis

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