SRS5 Bug in embl

John Peden johnp at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 9 05:45:40 EST 1997

Martin Hilbers wrote:
> Well.. on our site (http://www.seqnet.dl.ac.uk/srs5) I don't
> get an error, but srs does refuse to retrieve an entry with
> the same number from both embl and emnew (called eupdates
> at our site)

Hi Martin

Hmmm.... I think the error is still there just you aren't seeing a
syntax error, which is what first alerted me.

The error is more serious than failing to retrieve an entry with the
same number from both embl and emnew. I havn't tested this extensively
but in my hands SRS will retrieve a list of embl:* entries or emnew:*
entries, but when the list contains embl and emblnew entries the
retrieve stops after the last embl entry (none of the emnew entries are

Basically after you have retrieved the three enteries

1 EMBL:SMD031 
2 EMBL:SMU75476 

I can retrieve 

1 OK
2 OK
3 OK
1+2 OK
1+3 (fails to return EUPDATES:SMD031) (two SMD031 entries)
2+3 (fails to return EUPDATES:SMD031) (no duplicate entry)
1+2+3 (fails to return EUPDATES:SMD031)

I the above on your server just to be sure. 

I also tested this on the mam division
(example: was ID:SM* in the mam division of embl and emnew)


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