fasta and blast searches

Thure Etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Feb 21 08:34:14 EST 1997

Don Gilbert wrote:
> I customized version 4 of SRS to produce a file of indices
> into databanks as a search result, and feed that into
> FastA (which was also customized) to allow one to do
> fasta searches w/o having to generate a temp data file
> that was huge.  Is that of any interest to you or others (the srs
> customization)?  I don't think I would want to run an SRS-fasta
> search that allowed users to generate temp files in the multi-gigabyte
> range, and even if I had that disk space, it would likely be slower
> than generating byte indices.

yes that is definetely of interest! I talked with Bill Pearson about your
file of indices and he said he would be willing to incorporate support for 
it into future releases of FASTA. Did you ever contact him on this? 
It would much better if we could take FASTA out of the box without having 
to modify code.


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