fasta and blast searches

Ramu Chenna chenna
Thu Feb 20 08:00:58 EST 1997

janice at wehi.edu.au (Janice Coventry, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) wrote:
>Can anyone help me with blast and fasta searches?  Do the blast and fasta
>sources come with srs 

No.. upto my knowledge

or do you have to have the programs running on the
>machine srs is running on?

Not necessarily, you can do you rsh to any other machine which can 
run these searches... 
check srswww.i which has 'rsh ' under launch label.

>Also to set up the searches do you just have to uncomment the relevant parts of 
>srsdb.i and run srssection?

whenever you modify srsdb.i you should do a srssection.

Hope this helps, Thure might give more information.

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