Does getz have a memory leak

Michael Schmitz schmitz at lcbvax.cchem.berkeley.edu
Sat Aug 30 19:51:29 EST 1997

Peter Rice wrote:
> > I have been having trouble with a memory leak in getz for several months, 
> >the leak was present in SRS4 and is still present in SRS5.05.
> The SIZE and RES figures did indeed creep up as the sequences were
> written. That's a lot of sequences for one query, so I didn't wait for
> the end :-)
> Could this be somewhere in the parser, for example as the sequence
> is being read by Icarus?

Wasn't Icarus invented in SRS 5?? But a memory leak like this doesn't
mean the sequence isn't freed. There may be other data structures, and
SRS 4 had 
at least one problem with 'forgetting' pointers to malloced data. I
don't remember  details now, but it involved keeping multiple pointers
to certain structures. 


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