My quest

NewYork212 newyork212 at aol.com
Thu Aug 21 17:56:54 EST 1997

Hi name is Butterfly  a 22 year old male to female pre-op transgender from
I am searching for information and I am hoping that someone will read this
message and help me to be pointed in the right direction.  I appreciate
any and all time and input you will offer me.

What I seek is information regarding medical insurance.....that cover
"SRS"  Sexual reassignment Surgery.  I do not have the cash, nor the
resources to make my dream come true....and I need to know which
insurances might be able to help me.  

Right now I am on Medicaid....and they won't pay....the system in NYC is
very insensitive to transgenders and their needs...and my needs...and that
why I am here seeking help through the internet....

While my name is butterfly....until I can get my wings..I am still a

Thanx all

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