Question about QueryResult-Page

Markus Kieninger kieninge at faw.uni-ulm.de
Tue Aug 19 09:08:16 EST 1997

hallo !

I have got a question about the QueryResult-Page of SRS5, the EMBL-DB
and launching a application.

On the top of the "normal" QueryResult-Page (after I have started e.g. 
a EMBL-Query) there are 4 buttons (link, save, launch, view). 
If I then select one of the feature-links (e.g. source, exon,...), 
there are only 2 buttons left on the following Feature-Resultpage (link,
save). The other buttons (launch and view) are missing.

Is this a bug or a feature ? :-)

There is often only a small feature-Sequence (source, exon) of the whole
DNA-Sequence necessary for my application. So it would be much easier
for me to launch the application from the Feature-Resultpage, instead of
fetching the whole DNA-Sequence and extracting the feature-Sequence by


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