wgetz: include in list (Bug)

etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Aug 13 06:08:48 EST 1997

Ramu Chenna wrote:
> Hi
> In the query form page, few fields under "include in list" were
> checked. In the result page all the checked were shown correctly.
> But the next chunk shows nothing but the last list checked. Certainly a bug.

yes that is a bug. In srs5.1 this will be fixed. Selection of
fields will generate a 'view' for the list of databanks that was 
queried. and that view will stay for the entire session

...as you have noticed the release of srs5.1 has been delayed. we
are suffering from 'featuritis' but at least we stopped adding
more things that should be in it ...so end of august is the new


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