Problems with large sequences and applications in srs5.0.5

etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Aug 7 08:25:20 EST 1997

Markus Kieninger wrote:
> Hallo !
> Each time I launch an application from SRS (e.g. TSWP) with a large
> sequence (e.g. HSLBRCA1 from EMBL-HUM) the CGI-Script stops in the
> middle of the following page. I tested it on my local copy of SRS and on
> the EMBL-Server with the same result.

oops ...we don't even have an application here for DNA sequences so
it has never been tested for large sequences. We are working on
version 5.1 where the entire module dealing with sequences has been
rewritten and i hope that the error will not occur anymore


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