Problems with large sequences and applications in srs5.0.5

Markus Kieninger kieninge at faw.uni-ulm.de
Tue Aug 5 06:26:07 EST 1997

Hallo ! 

Each time I launch an application from SRS (e.g. TSWP) with a large
sequence (e.g. HSLBRCA1 from EMBL-HUM) the CGI-Script stops in the
middle of the following page. I tested it on my local copy of SRS and on
the EMBL-Server with the same result. 
There are no problems if i launch an application with a smaller
sequences (e.g. YTY1A1 from EMBL-FUN). 
Could this be a range problem in SRS ?

Markus Kieninger

Markus Kieninger    Tel.:   0731/501-8758
FAW, Ulm            E-Mail: kieninge at faw.uni-ulm.de

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