srs db specs - new .i and .is files

etzold etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Apr 30 11:16:53 EST 1997

Andreas Krause wrote:
> Has anyone added some more database specs to srs and is willing to share
> the .i and .is files ?
> We should perhaps think of adding them to srs.
>        andreas krause, basel

I think we all are quite busy adding .i and .is files. Problem is
that there is still not a central repository of these files. 

I compiled a list of srs5 servers in

you can have a look at all servers and see if there are new databanks.
the bottom of the 'databank information page' have links to the
corresponding .i and .is files ...if you try these pages on our 
server you will get even 'colorized' icarus pages


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