N-term analysis software

Elias Lolis lolis at ELIRIS.MED.YALE.EDU
Thu Nov 21 16:21:45 EST 1996

Is there a program that can be used to compile a list of the frequencies
of individual amino acids at the N-terminus of mature proteins in the

I am working on a cytokine with a proline at the N-terminus.  This
protein has structural (but not sequence) homology to 2 microbial
enzymes that use a proline at the N-terminus as a catalytic base.  There
are many similarities in the local environment of the proline between
the cytokine and the 2 microbial enzymes, and I am now investigating the
possibility that this cytokine has catalytic activity.  Toward that end,
I am interested in determining the frequency of proline (relative to
other amino acids) to be present at the amino terminus.  Does anyone
know of a program that can do this or whether such a list has been
compiled?  It will be important for the program to distinguish between 
entire polypeptides and mature, processed forms of proteins.  Thanks.

Elias Lolis
lolis at eliris.med.yale.edu

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