SRS 4.08 indexing

Andrew T. Lloyd atlloyd at acer.gen.tcd.ie
Wed Nov 13 04:55:46 EST 1996

I have a minimal SRS setup here: SW PIR PRosite EMBL-without-ESTs
but have problems getting the links sorted:
the links from SW - EMBL are looking for the NI field and report

no entries found

I see that the EBI and Sanger have changed things so that the
link is seeking the AC field and successfully finds it.  
Another large site in Hinxton appears to have the same problem
as I do.

Can some kind, patient soul tell me what I have to tweak ?

I also note that I have acquired (through no effort of mine!)
a link from SW to MIM at wwwgdb.gdb.org but that this is asking
for http://wwwgdb.gdb.org/omim/omimx which is "not found on
this server"  this is something in hyperlink.sdl which I should
be able to figure out for myself but I cannot solve my first
problem with grep !


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