indexing Genbank 97 from gcg format

M.P. Hilbers mph at s-ind2.dl.ac.uk
Sat Nov 2 15:51:58 EST 1996

Martin Hilbers (mph at dl.ac.uk) wrote:
: Hi folks,

: Has anybody been able to index genbank 97 from gcg formatted files ? -
: For me indexing keeps falling over on entry HSHLAK1 in the primates
: section. 
: The error message I get is:
: e__nammismatch, names are not identical
: "HSHLAK1" and "C"

: It does not occur with the plain genbank files. It can't have anything
: to do with the size of genbank, as it also occurs if I restrict 
: genbank to the primates section. As far as I can tell the gcg
: seq and ref file are completely normal for this entry.
: srsbuild is apparently supposed to produce this error message if
: the names in the ref and seq files are not the same, but as far as I
: can tell they are the same, and I really don't understand were this "C"
: in the error message comes from.

Well,  I managed to figure things out. The problem was apparently
caused by keywords in genbank extending over more than one line. The patch
to genbank.sdl suggested by Janice Coventry earlier in this newsgroup
solved the problem. Funny though that a misread keyword somehow ends up
interfering with the entry name in a completely different file. But I 
suppose that if you carefully comb the code it all makes sense.



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