question about SRS5.0

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Dec 12 05:34:59 EST 1996

In article <32AF65E2.36601FB1 at pku.edu.cn> Tao Jiang <jiangt at pku.edu.cn> writes:
>   I modified the file icarus.c, embl.i and embl.is just
>   as Thure suggested and compiled icarus.c and run 'srssection'
>   and 'srsupdate', but it still blocks (maybe it will ends
>   after a very long time?).

The changes worked for me. Memory usage dropped dramatically, at least
in the early stages (then I went home, and it was finished this morning).
Maybe something went wrong with the "srsmake srsbuild" step? Or else you
really have very little memory on your system.

Our SRS 5.0 server will be available next week.

I am still busy exploring the icarus files. I expect to be changing the
indexing methods, and adding new databases, frequently for some time yet.
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