question about SRS5.0

Thure etzold at embl-heidelberg.de
Wed Dec 11 07:06:26 EST 1996

Tao Jiang wrote:
> I downloaded the SRS version 5.0, and had a small test
> yesterday. I installed only a very small part of EMBL
> : phg.dat, and try to index it. To my surprising, I
> found it would take me over 12 hours to index it (in fact,
> the indexing hasn't finished yet), and too many index
> files were generated: embl_fts_1.inx, embl_fts_2.inx, ...
> , embl_569.inx, ... (I have modified srsdb.i and embl.i to
> include only phg.dat of EMBL).

I am having with indexing GCG formatted EMBL as well and will fix it
this week. However, there seem to be no problems with the
original flat file version. To switch from gcg format to distributed
flat file edit embl.i and search all lines with a comment 'GCG format'

#  fileType:{@DAT_FILE @SEQ_FILE} #orig format
  fileType:{@GCGREF_FILE @GCGSEQ_FILE} #GCG format

flip around the comments so that you get

 fileType:{@DAT_FILE @SEQ_FILE} #orig format
#  fileType:{@GCGREF_FILE @GCGSEQ_FILE} #GCG format

then you must change the file names at the beginning of the file


will have to change to


I included lists of both gcg file names and original names where one
list is always outcommented


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