question about SRS5.0

Tao Jiang jiangt at pku.edu.cn
Mon Dec 9 20:32:23 EST 1996

I downloaded the SRS version 5.0, and had a small test
yesterday. I installed only a very small part of EMBL
: phg.dat, and try to index it. To my surprising, I
found it would take me over 12 hours to index it (in fact,
the indexing hasn't finished yet), and too many index
files were generated: embl_fts_1.inx, embl_fts_2.inx, ...
, embl_569.inx, ... (I have modified srsdb.i and embl.i to
include only phg.dat of EMBL).

However, if I test it with swissprot, it seems to work well
(only one index file for every index).

Any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.

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