New release 5.0 of SRS

Thure Etzold etzold at embl-heidelberg.de
Fri Dec 6 19:25:48 EST 1996

Dear all,

SRS5 is finally out! ...this time it is the full release and not a

you can get it from 


Those are the changes since the last beta (srs5.04b):

o The indexing works now with databanks in native or GCG format. 
o There is now support for sequence features 
o srscheck and srsbuild have been revised and work as in SRS4. This
  includes the -r, -t and -rel options of srsbuild.
o Parsers have been written for many more databanks.
o Documentation is much better (Icarus manual, Guided tour).
o All installation scripts have been rewritten as Bourne shell scripts. 

SRS5 is much more powerful but also more complicated as SRS4. A lot of 
parsers have still to be written, but those that are there can be used 
as templates for 'cut and paste' programming. Adding a new databank
now three files that describe the structure (format, data-fields,
the syntax and the databank itself (Source, ftp address, contact
etc). This is described in the "Guided Tour" that comes with the 

We would like to invite you to write Icarus files and post them
to the newsgroup bionet.software.srs to make them available to others. 
We will then put the files into future releases of SRS.

For the installation of the SRSWWW server an Alias and a ScriptAlias are
needed. Following the discussion in this newsgroup about notifying the 
proxies not to cache we use now the ScriptAlias /srs5bin/cgi-bin/.
tell us if that works. 

...more in the release notes

regards and happy installation

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Thure Etzold       etzold at embl-heidelberg.de

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