Retrieving features with SRS : the problem

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Wed Sep 27 05:44:01 EST 1995

SRS allows to retrieve parts of sequences corresponding to features
mentioned in the documentation. However, it does not work entirely
satisfactorily :

- with the WWW interface : if you select "sequenceFeatures" in the
 pull-down menu of the QueryForm, SRS does generate separate entries
 for each feature, but it contains the complete sequence, not just the
- with the srscurses and the srstk interfaces : if the sequence
 contains several features of the same type, SRS retrieves files
 with the entries put the one behind the other (what makes
 that they cannot be taken as input by software as GCG).

Anybody comments about this ?

	Dr. Guy Bottu

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