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Thure Etzold etzold
Fri Sep 22 10:29:18 EST 1995

Tylzanowski Przemko <przemko> wrote:
>I would like to do "isolate" some specific features from genes in which I am
>interested. Now, the problem is that srs seems to recognize only the feature
>name not contents. Specifically, if I want to get only cytoplasmic domains of
>some proteins I do 'feature'-domain. Then I get a lot of entries, since there
>are other domains that cytoplasmic ones. If, on the other hand I put 'feature'-
>domain & cytoplasmic then I get nothing, presumably because the search strategy
>does not enter the description of the feature.
>Oh, boy, I hope it is  clear.
>Anyone could help me?

not sure which databank you use ...works fine with SwissProt searched 
"cytoplasmic&domain" in the "features" field and got ~5000 subentries 

SRS puts the feature name AND the feature description into the index


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